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Tazer Limitations on 2015 5.7L Models
Date: Mar 9, 2017 9:08:12 AM PST
Author: rshaigh

Purchased a Tazer for my 2015 Charger R/T with Road and Track Performance package and was disappointed in what the product can do for this specific model. Many of the options I was interested in, such as additional sport modes, don't work on 5.7L Chargers. This is not the fault of Z-Auto as they make a fairly good effort of describing on their website what features work and what don't on various models, but it's still confusing with the huge number of options and categories that Dodge makes available on these vehicles. If you have a 2015 R/T with the 29R factory option, then the primary tweaks you'll get out of this device are: Light Shows, Disabling the seatbelt Ding warnings, controlling DLR settings (day light running lights), fog light settings (like leaving the fog lights on when the high beams are engaged), and other cabin and light controls. It's also useful if you want to install components that weren't included from the factory - like a rear view camera - the tazer will will allow you to enable that option after the physical component is installed. However,, there are very few if any performance related options that aren't already "tweakable" with the native controls of this model. The lesson here is that you really have to understand your model options and features before shelling out the $250 for this device.

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